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2 Scoops auto 5pk (BBean)


Acapulco Gold (BF) fem 3pk


Afghan Mass (00) auto 5pk


Ayahuasca Purple (BF) fem 3pk


Ayahuasca Purple (BF) fem 5pk


Banana Runtz auto 5pk (BBean)


Blue Banner auto 5pk (BBean)


Bubbabanana auto 5pk (BBean)


Cookies Kush (BF) fem 10pk


Critical Kush (BF) fem 3pk


Critical Kush (BF) fem 5pk


Dos Si Dos 33 (BF) fem 10pk


Durban Poison (DP) fem 5pk


Forgotten Oranges auto 5pk (BBean)


G13 Haze (BF) fem 3pk


Gorilla Dick auto 5pk (BBean)

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