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A-Train (TH Seeds) reg 10pk


Akorn (TH) fem 5pk


Chicle (TH) fem 5pk


Cold Creek Kush reg 10pk (TH)


Dark Star (TH) fem 10pk


Dark Star (THS) fem 5pk


Dark Star reg 5pk (TH)


Electric Lemon G reg 10pk (TH)


French Cookies (TH) fem 2pk


French Cookies (TH) fem 5pk


Heavy Duty Fruity reg 10pk (TH)


Kushage reg 10pk (TH)


M-Kage fem 5pk (TH)


M.O.B (TH) fem 5pk


MK Ultra (TH) fem 10pk


MK Ultra (TH) fem 2pk

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