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8 Ball Kush (BF) fem 10pk


8 Ball Kush (BF) fem 5pk


Acapulco Gold (BF) fem 3pk


Acapulco Gold (BF) fem 5pk


Afghan Hash Plant (BF) reg 10pk


Amnesia Lemon (BF) fem 3pk


Amnesia Lemon (BF) fem 5pk


Ayahuasca Purple (BF) fem 10pk


Ayahuasca Purple (BF) fem 3pk


Ayahuasca Purple (BF) fem 5pk


Bad Azz Kush (BF) fem 3pk


Bad Azz Kush (BF) fem 5pk


Blue Cheese (BF) fem 5pk


Blue Gelato 41 (BF) fem 10pk


Blue Gelato 41 (BF) fem 3pk


Blue Gelato 41 (BF) fem 5pk

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